Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snobject: Ankle Brace Air Cast

I've been a little too busy to blog this weekend. Hubby broke his ankle, but the good news is his air cast is pretty cool! Ages ago when I broke my own ankle, I got sealed inside a burgundy fiberglass monstrosity, which was only marginally improved by hand-painting the entire surface.

Luckily, today's soft tissue damage and stable fractures can be secured in these great air casts, which have been evolving over the last decade to be durable, practical, and not too shabby overall. Early versions didn't have the underlying skeletal structure and could be difficult to position - these are no-brainers and make showering a breeze. Next, I'll be eager to see casts that provide pockets for freezer packs so that you can reduce swelling while stabilizing the joint. Seems like that feature would be practical and affordable to integrate.
Hubby looks good, although Rose McGowan does dress it up a little better.

More info here

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