Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snobject: Moleskine Coming to you in Color!

The Volant Collection from Moleskine offers beautiful vibrant colors - the black's a classic forever, but the new colors are a treat. The green and orange join a family of brightly colored books with great features - tear away notes, removable pages, the palest grid lines, and sticky tabs.  Moleskin continues to make the most delightful notebooks around.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pioneers of American Industrial Design

Often when people hear the term "Industrial Design" they think of factories and machines.  Those things result from design, but Industrial Design is actually the discipline of solving problems through the design of objects.  It's a strange and wonderful merging of art, engineering, business, and research.  It's a unique field full of wonderfully unique individuals.  The masters of my discipline are being honored by the US Postal Service with lovely iconic images that showcase the simple beauty of designing useful objects.

P-Tree Gives you Permission to Pee

The P-Tree by Dutch designers Aandeboom is fascinating.  Drunken revelers can now pee on trees without worry - although having permission might take all the fun out of it.  The P-Tree is simple:  strap the rota-molded urinal to a tree, tie it into septic or drainage, and viola!  Instant potty.  The only question I have left for Aandeboom is, what about the ladies?