Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reason #100 to Love a Dyson Animal

If you have a pet, and you do not have a Dyson Animal vacuum, let me share this with you: it is really worth all that money. Yes, the vacuum is over SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. But, really, I have never seen a more intuitive, durable, or functional machine.

This morning after eradicating the ten tons of dog hair from my house, I noticed a slight decrease in suction. What? A decrease in suction? Surely not! Dyson says I'll never lose suction! I listened to the vacuum and thought, that sounds like something's blocked.

Turned it off, looked at where the attachment hose meets to machine, followed the purple tabs, and voila! The hose trap popped off the bottom, revealing a small Lego man trapped inside. Now, if Dyson hadn't made such a wonderful machine that really, honestly requires no user manual, my house would never be this clean again -- and that poor little Lego man would've been trapped for eternity in dog hair.


  1. The first generation of the Dyson Animal had one major design flaw - the entire 20' of power cable had to be removed to use the wand - not good.
    I hope this design detail was improved.

  2. I agree with you, the power cable management is definitely not ideal. As a user, I haven't had struggles with this--only because my tendency is to unwind the cord and do the whole house at once.

    With a dog who sheds ten tons of fur per day, I have no option :) But I can see how this would be a major detraction for those needing spot cleaning.