Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snobject: SodaStream brings the Power of the Bubbly to you

My husband had a serious habit - he drank in the morning, throughout the day and the evening - he was and remains a seltzer fanatic. Then we brought the Sodastream into his life and now he's a changed man - he can make his own seltzer for a fraction of the cost and without tearing through seemingly millions of plastic bottles to get his fix. I highly, highly recommend it!

Also, for those of you wondering, the CO2 cartridges are exchanged at any store carrying the products - for $14.99 you get a recycled cylinder and yours is sent back to the company. That's $14.99 for ~65 bottles of whatever carbonated treat tickles your fancy. Again, highly recommended.


  1. In response to a reader, here's the breakdown on SodaStream models to help you select one:

    Sodastream offers several models with different features. They all offer the same result, and here's what makes them unique:

    Pure: Stainless steel. if you've gotta have stainless, get this one but pay more.
    Penguin: offers glass carafes. If you want to eliminate plastic completely, get this one and pay a little more. it also takes up a little more counter space.
    Genesis: Plastic version of the Pure. Very compact, stores anywhere, dark even high grade plastic. Economical.
    Jet: if you've gotta have color, this is it. Also fits extra large carbonators, so each cannister lasts longer, but it is a little bigger on the counter.

    We selected the Genesis, as I find it to be the best compromise of features and price. In the design world, we'd call it the the "base" model - it has all of the functionality, but no bells and whistles like SS/color/glass carafes that the others have. One canister of CO2 lasts about a month for about 2 bottles/day, for $5 a month. The plastic bottles it comes with are high grade and should last for years if cleaned properly.