Monday, January 11, 2010

Dominos Fesses Up...

...and I LOVE it! They're admitting their old pizza was crap so that you'll give the new stuff a chance.

Check out the full article here, but this quote pretty much sums it all up:
"The old days of trying to spin things simply doesn't work anymore," President Patrick Doyle, who will become CEO in March, told The Associated Press in an interview. "Great brands going forward are going to have a level of honesty and transparency that hasn't been seen before."
Please, let this succeed and educate the other American companies who are still looking to squeeze margins and pull fast ones on customers in order to save their bottom lines.


  1. Ok, but have you tried it yet?

  2. This is still purely a profit play, let's not fool ourselves. They'll load that thing with sugar, salt, and fat until it's good enough, but they'll use words like "natural" and "gourmet" to convince everyone they're not using the cheapest ingredients possible.