Wednesday, March 11, 2009

StoreSpy: Does BB&B's Verdi Market make sense?

BB&B is sporting a new nook called the Verdi Market (subtle use of Italian to otherwise say Green Market). At the store I visited, it's centrally located and complete with wood, cardboard and other natural materials for staging. The message is clear: these are fresh, green, organic, ecologically responsible products.

It gets a little more confusing when you look closer. This is an assortment of pre-packaged, often processed foods. It doesn't include a fresh foods/produce section which would normally be the heart of any organic foods endeavor. It's like a cleaned up version of your grocery store's dry goods aisles. I noticed consumers floating through the section, picking up things and looking around but not staying for long.

Is BB&B sticking one tentative toe into the grocery market? I doubt it'll prove to be worth the real estate devoted to it, but it's something to watch.

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  1. I love the Jim's Organic Coffee that you can buy here!