Friday, March 27, 2009

IHA 2009 Video Faves

While I couldn't fly to Chicago this year for IHA, I've been following the highlights from a distance. Some of my favorite items are posted on YouTube, of course - some ingenious, some ridiculous, and all very entertaining. I embrace creativity in all it's forms.

Why is it named such? I have no idea. I wonder how they're creating the lip, can't tell in the video. Pricing and cleaning concerns will be their biggest hurdle.

Quick, easy...the inventor seems a little lost about the business side of the concept - i'd take it Semi-disposable before the big boys get there first.

Corn tools. mom-ventors are adorable. The name says it all!

Microplane's Resounding Endorsement for Design
Not sure if it sounds like they're going to spend much on design, although they sure do like the nifty award, thanks!

OXO Pop Containers get their Due
Everyone's DUH moment last year for food storage.

(My son would love playing with this)
Too much learning curve for their target market.

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