Thursday, February 26, 2009

QUICKFIX!! Farberware Nut Cracker

What's Wrong:
  • Unbalanced packaging makes the product hang haphazardly
  • Harsh rectangular cross-section makes me scared to touch it
  • Low-texture finish makes it slippery to hold
  • Awkwardly placed zip ties add to the low-quality, low-cost perception
  • Functionality is basic at best, with no pleasing or enjoyable "bonus" features
QuickFix Solution:
  • Rounded handle sections and highly textured or grip areas make the product pleasant to hold.
  • Bold color grabs the consumer's attention and provides connotation to cooked shellfish.
  • Potentially add an inexpensive secondary "spring" shown in yellow, that keeps the handles together but encourages them to open easily - making it easy to operate in one hand....a surprising and delightful experience for the consumer.
  • Re-position product name and zip ties to reinforce symmetry, increasing perception of quality.
  • Shortening the packaging allows consumers to hold the handles and imagine using and owning the product.

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