Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snobject: New Metro Design's Beater Blade

Anyone who's every used a stand mixer has had this idea - it's a blade wrapped in a thin silicone flange that wipes the bowl sides while beating. There are even a couple of competitors on the market to boot. The BeaterBlade is interesting because it serves an obvious need that KitchenAid and others have for some reason forsaken. However, you won't find a clip-strip of these things anywhere near KitchenAid or Cuisinart stand mixers at retail. They're relegated to infomercial and internet promotions, although SLT is now promoting this SKU as a fan favorite.

Every designer I've ever known has a bank of these kind of ideas on the shelf. Clever, simple little products that would obviously make some amount of money, but without direct backing and distribution by the market leaders.....well, it's an uphill battle. Only so many of us have 500K to sink into our own little product venture, much less a good relationship with the buyers at BB&B (who'll ditch you in a heartbeat for a partner with hundreds of SKUs on the shelf).

Maybe, one day there will be an initiative that gathers up all of these orphan design ideas, centralizing them so that when companies realize they need a creative injection, they can browse and buy what applies to them. I'll try to get to that little project next week!

SLT link here
More about New Metro Design

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