Thursday, July 9, 2009

Verdict: Ziploc Evolve Baggies are...

Lately we're barraged by commercials preaching about "green" products. Companies like Clorox and Proctor & Gamble are really stepping up their efforts to offer green products. Unfortunately, it's all just a marketing angle. The sick thing is, they're pioneering new and better materials and techniques, yet only applying them to NEW offerings at higher price points!

Ziploc Evolve Sandwich and Storage Bags are made with 25% less plastic, manufactured using 50% renewable wind energy, and sold in 100%recycled boxes. That's great. And Ziploc didn't make these changes to all of their products because.....why? They can charge you more for a new product because "green" is one of your "core consumer needs." Sigh. The Verdict on Evolve Baggies:
To get an Excellent rating, Ziploc needs to step up to the plate and offer the kind of products that only they can produce at a reasonable cost. They need to solve these problems:
  • make disposable baggies easy to recycle - get away from #4 plastics! It'll be a long time before everyone migrates away from disposables, so why not apply everything you're doing in the Evolve line to ALL your products?
  • make baggies easy to reuse - as with semi-disposable plastic containers, consumers will pay more for something with a longer life span. why not invent the washable, reusable, semi-disposable baggie? This could easily expand into a product line addressing storage, cleaning, labeling...
  • explore new materials - why can't our baggies biodegrade? Can we keep the lifecycle of each baggie contained to the household and eliminate the need for recycling altogether? This still supports a consumable product platform, cause people will always buy more, but wouldn't it be lovely if they turned into flushable waste when nuked?
At least there are companies out there doing it the right way all the time like Method, and now 100% reusable, recyclable Innate SS food containers (the lid pops into a bowl for nuking):

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