Saturday, June 22, 2013

Snobject: Best Father's Day Gift Ever

Yes, I missed Father's Day this year--but if you missed it too, look sharp! This is the perfect gift to make it up to your husband, dad, or grandpa. Whiskey Stones, from Teroforma, are exactly what they say they are: little stones you use to keep whiskey cool.

Hold On! They're not just for whiskey. I don't drink whiskey! I use them in nice, girly framboise lambic, and alternately in lemonade. These little stones live in your freezer in a washable fabric bag. They are the RIGHT solution to keeping a beverage cool without diluting it. Ice cubes make your drink watery. Plastic ice cubes are, well, plastic. And warm drinks are yucky.

So grab some of these little (or big) stones for the man in your life, or for yourself. They're hand-crafted. They're eco-friendly. The packaging is ridiculously sweet, and the price is just right. Plus, they work. Whiskey Stones are awesome all around.

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